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Boy Trained by Haqqani Claims he Was Raped

Boy Trained by Haqqani Claims he Was Raped

Kabul- the National Directorate of Security (NDS) claimed in a statement this week that based on investigations it was discovered that Haqqani Network leaders often sexually abuse the young boys they recruit into their training programs.

Samiullah, now 16 years old and a resident of SeyahGerd District of Parwan province, was supposed to kill the Khost Governor in a suicide attack, but was arrested by security forces alive. Sami used to work in one of the hotels of Khost city, where he was taken from by a Haqqani Network recruiter to Miramsha, Pakistan. “I was raped four nights in women’s clothes and was beaten too,” Samiullah said. “A friend of mine named Muhammad was also raped.”

The NDS confirmed the report that Sami was arrested while attempting to kill the Khost Police Chief with a gun.”One of the Haqqani commanders gave me the gun in Meramshah and told me to kill the police chief when he comes to the clinic,” Samiullah said.

Terrorist and insurgent use of young pre-adolescent and adolescent boys for suicide bombings and other attacks has become routine knowledge. Madrasas in Pakistan are well-known for recruiting or forcing uneducated kids into their training programs.

The young, inexperienced assailants are often caught by security forces and returned to their families or detained for an extended period of time. This marks the first time, publically, a captured would-be assassin has admitted to having been sexually abused by his extremist mentors.

Sami’s story in many ways resembles the experience of BachaBaazi, which is a ancient practice in the region involving pedophilia and dressing young boys as girls for the entertainment of older men. There has been a recent push by human rights activists to fight the practice of BachaBaazi in Afghanistan. Yet according to most experts it still exists around the country and is often supported by powerful figures. (ToloNews)

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