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Border Clash Ends as Pakistanis Retreat

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JALALABAD – Afghan and Pakistani forces ceased fire that resumed early on Monday on a contested border area in eastern Nangarhar province, where four Pakistani posts were destroyed, an official said. The fire exchange that involved light and heavy weaponry began at around 8:30am after Pakistani forces started reconstructing a security gate that was razed in the previous border skirmish in the Goshta district on Wednesday.

A security official in Nangarhar, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Pajhwok Afghan the skirmish ended at about 11am when the Pakistani troops retreated. He claimed four Pakistani posts were destroyed and all military equipment and weapons inside the posts had been gutted. The official further claimed the Pakistani forces also suffered casualties and opted to take the wounded away from the battlefield. He said three Afghan border policemen were slightly injured but they immediately returned to the scene after medical aid.

Earlier in the day, officials said Pakistani troops had started reconstructing the security gate that was destroyed during the previous fire exchange that saw an Afghan border police officer killed. The latest skirmish broke out following a verbal clash between Afghan and Pakistani border security personnel over the reconstruction of the gate. Heavy and light weapons were used by both sides and gunfire could be heard in nearby villages, said Nabi Gul, a resident of Goshta. The last clash drew nationwide condemnation in Afghanistan, and saw protests in the east, south and the capital, Kabul. (PAN)

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