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Blood Drive Launched for ANSF

Blood Drive Launched for ANSF

KABUL – A blood donation drive to help the wounded of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) recover from their injuries was launched this week by a political activist group named Harakat-e-Afghanistan 1400. On the first day of the campaign, at least 80 people voluntarily donated blood with the help of medical professionals overseeing the entire process. All stores of blood drawn from the initiative are expected to be sent to hospitals around the country and used in emergency blood transfusions that are often critical in saving the lives of wounded soldiers and police officers.

“We have made contributions in the past as well, but this time we decided to take a practical step to show our support for the Afghan security forces by donating blood,” said Sonia Mahmood, the interim chairperson of Harakat-e-Afghanistan 1400. Fellow activists were among the first to donate blood to the cause. “We have taken this small step to honor the great sacrifices of the Afghan security forces and by donating blood we express solidarity with them,” civil society activist Bari Salam said after making a donation.

However, government officials also joined the initiative and donated some of their blood. “I realized it was my national duty to join this movement and donate blood, this is a small gift to the brave sons of this land who defend its territorial integrity and the freedom of our country,” said Hekmatullah Foshanji, the Director of Foreign Affairs at the Office of the National Security Council. (Tolonews)

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