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Blast at Egyptian Army Building Wounds Four Soldiers

Blast at Egyptian Army Building Wounds Four

Cairo- A bomb exploded outside an Egyptian army building north of Cairo on Sunday, wounding four soldiers, the army said, in the second bomb attack on security forces in the Nile Delta in less than a week. The bomb partly destroyed the back wall of the military intelligence building in the village of Anshas, 100 km (60 miles) north of the capital.

The army described the bombing as a terrorist attack. Its statement referred to “groups of darkness” and did not name the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group it declared a terrorist organization last week. That decision was a response to a suicide bomb attack on Tuesday on a police compound in the Nile Delta city of Mansoura, north of the site of Sunday’s explosion.

The army-backed government has used the new classification to detain hundreds of the movement’s supporters and thousands more are already in jail. Some of those held in recent days are students, who have continued daily protests in spite of the increased penalties for loyalty to the Brotherhood.

The government had accused the Brotherhood of carrying out last week’s suicide bombing, which killed 16 people and for which a radical Sinai-based group called AnsarBayt al-Maqdis claimed responsibility. The Brotherhood, which says it is committed to peaceful activism, condemned the attack.

In Anshas, some residents blamed the Brotherhood for Sunday’s attack, saying the aim was to disrupt a mid-January referendum on a new constitution, the next step in the government’s political transition plan. “The Brotherhood wants to scare people so they don’t come out for the referendum,” Ahmed Salah said near the damaged building. (Reuters)

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