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Balkh gets 150 more polling sites

Balkh gets 150 more polling sites

MAZAR-I-SHARIF: The Independent Election Commission (IEC) said on Monday an additional 150 polling sites would open on the voting day in northern Balkh province, where 13 polling stations are under high security threat.

A gathering was arranged by Nihad Radio in the provincial capital to ensure greater participation of locals in the election. Residents and provincial IEC officials attended the meeting.

IEC Director Izzatullah Arman said all preparations had been finalised for successfully holding the runoff vote. The province had received election materials well in time, he added.

He said a comprehensive strategy had been worked out to thwart rigging and fraud attempts during the second round. Already, some IEC employees have been fired for being involved in irregularities in the April 5 vote.

He said an awareness campaign had been launched throughout the province to ensure a greater voter turnout in the election.

The province would have a total of 1,150 polling sites during the runoff vote, he said, adding security officials had identified 13 polling stations as insecure.





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