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Badghis, Daikundi Get New Governors

Badghis, Daikundi get new governors

KABUL – New governors for northwestern Badghis and central Daikundi provinces have been appointed in compliance with President Hamid Karzai’s decree, his office said on Sunday. Ahmadullah Alizai, a former deputy governor of Kabul, has been named as Badghis governor on the recommendation of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG).

A statement from the Office of Administrative Affairs said Alizai was an experienced and talented man, who replaced Tahir Sabari. Similarly, Abdul Haq Shafaq has been named as Daikundi governor, replacing Qurban Ali Uruzgani. Shafaq has served as governor of Takhar, Faryab and Samangan provinces. According to the statement, the former Badghis governor has been named as advisor to the president on tribal affairs. (PAN)

Senators extend support to Qasim’s family

KABUL – Members of the Meshrano Jirga — or upper house of the parliament — on Sunday provided cash assistance to relatives of a slain border policeman, asking the government to honour his family. Mohammad Qasim was killed during a seven-hour clash between Afghan and Pakistani forces in the Konsari area of the Goshta district in eastern Nangarhar province on Wednesday night.

A checkpoint of Pakistan troops and a border gate recently erected on Afghan soil were destroyed in the high-stakes battle, which has sparked angry protests in a number of Afghan cities. Deputy Chairman Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, who led Sunday’s session of the Senate, urged the government to honour the ultimate sacrifice rendered by Qasim and provide assistance to his kin.

“For helping the victim’s family, 1,000 afghanis ($18) be deducted from the salaries of all senators. Other well-off members can extend as much assistance to his family as they can,” he proposed. Senator from eastern Kunar province, Rafiullah Haidari, stressed the government and the people should join forces to defend their motherland without counting on support from outsiders.

“It is a shame asking ISAF for the assistance in this regard. Foreign troops should equip our forces who can protect the borders,” he believed. He also referred to Kunar Governor Fazlullah Wahidi’s claim that Pakistan troops had established a checkpoint 300 metres inside Afghan territory in the eastern province. The seNATOr called for effective steps to beat back the aggressors. The government should declare high alert to ensure borders security and the country’s territorial integrity, demanded another seNATOr from Balkh, Maulvi Mahmud Danishjo. (PAN)


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