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‘Aynak Mine Project Offers Opportunities but Challenges Persist’

‘Aynak Mine Project Offers Opportunities but

KABUL (PAN): Presenting its much-awaited report on the vital Aynak mine project on Tuesday, the Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) report discusses the opportunities‐challenges in the prevailing conditions the country and its people will face as a result of the Aynak mining project.

The report said the challenges that would arise as a result of beginning to invest in these unexploited resources as Afghanistan suffered from a paucity of skilled labor for the mining sector. It warned that employment opportunities that come along with investment in the sector may turn into challenges if the government does not develop and implement a training program to build the technical skills required for its success.

Shuja Zada, an expert on mines’ affairs, said both the government and the Chinese company failed to move forward on the vital Aynak mine project. He said the government failed to maintain security and law and order in the area while the Chinese company had their fresh demands.

“These sorts of problems have halted exploration activities at Aynak project,” he deplored. In addition, the research found that community perception has turned negative for the Aynak project as land compensation was being a major cause in the shift in perception.

After repeated attempts by Pajhwok Afghan News, the spokesman of the Ministry of Mining and Petroleum did not explain his ministry position on the vital Aynak project’s issues and problems. Local people’s expectations in the absence of an information sharing mechanism have shot out of control and their exorbitant claim over land without corresponding documentation has led to a breach of trust between them and government. (PAN)

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