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Avoiding Collapse of the Electoral Deal

Afghan election stakeholders are far from being able to resolve all differences over the next government as the two sides take extreme positions regarding the contentious issues of the elections. Atta Mohammad Noor’s threat is coming as another test for all Afghan political spectrums that have stakes in the ongoing elections. If any of the parties takes non-constructive approach towards the vote audit process, the fate of the election The IEC and other stakeholders are set to start invalidation of votes from now on as the two sides remain in loggerheads over the unity government details.
Any possible move from powerful supporters of the election candidates such as Atta Mohammad Noor would leave the process into a real test. The continued deadlock will definitely slip the country into a further deterioration of security and economic meltdown while the situation is already worse than expected. Amidst political deadlock, the country is facing deepening crises of security and economic while the Taliban are making advances in some areas of the country. As the US troops are withdrawing by passing of each week and month into the end of October and the election deadlock continues, the Taliban insurgents are raging wars in many insecure provinces.
The NATO summit that is due to convene in a summit is crucial for security cooperation of the west with Afghanistan. The summit is coming while Afghan politicians have failed so far to the resolve the political transition and the controversial election. It would be quite hard for NATO members to convince their public for providing support to Afghanistan while the Afghans are not delivering a sound and transparent election.
Both the election candidates are virtually putting Afghanistan’s security and political stability at a great risk by playing games and not cooperating in the vote audit process for resolving the outcome of the election so that the winner would be decided. In such circumstances, the militants are taking advantage of the ongoing political dispute in Kabul. If the two candidates do not do something urgently to solve the crisis, the country would go into a nosedive economic and security declining. Even in some provinces the Taliban would be easily in the position to take grounds in absence of a robust NATO and US military support to the Afghan forces.
As the finance minister announced recently about the huge economic loss of Afghanistan due to the prolonged election, it is quite foreseeable the country would soon be unable to pay wages of government employees. In such a scenario the government will face a much dire situation. At the difficult time when the unity government deal is close to collapse, all sides need to cooperate over the process to restore the credibility of the process of the election vote audit.

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