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Is Peace Achievable?

In spite of long-term struggle for peace talks or negotiation with the Taliban in different ways, including the summit conference earlier this month between the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan, yet the ground remained so unclear. The government itself is confused what does it want to achieve, since the Taliban continue their deadly attacks in various parts of the country and their released friends are r ...

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Quetta is Bleeding

The brutal targeted killings of the Hazara ethnic minority in Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan province of Pakistan marked another sad chapter for this minority community. Since 2001, Quetta has turned into a bleeding graveyard for the Shiite community. Saturday, February 16, 2013 was regarded the bloodiest day for the Hazara community in Pakistan when around 100 people were killed and more than 300 ...

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Afghanistan: The War-torn Model

After decades of a bold engagement of international troops and fight against terrorism, the realities on the ground indicate not a good future to be waiting for the Afghan nation. Taliban militants grow in their attacks as the foreign troops prepare to depart from the region. The increasing international fatigue over the 12-year war has led to reduced pressure on current administration to limit the role of ...

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Time is the Outcome of Change

Time is all that allows one to create, invent and measure the change, civilization, prosperity, development, sustainability, progress and owns all precious things ever imagined in life. In fact, time is the mother to every step towards success and every experiment taking place. If we link our internal feelings and take objects as they are in themselves then time is the root to its physical appearance or cre ...

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