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Arab Presence no Threat to Farah: Governor

Arab Presence no Threat to Farah Governor

FARAH CITY – Arab nationals, who have come to western Farah province on the basis of an understanding with the Afghan government, want to initiate public welfare projects there, the governor said on Friday.Mohammad Umar Sherzad, in his exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, rejected reports that Arabs were hunting rare birds in western Afghanistan. The Arabs planned to establish a farm of rare birds and launch other development projects, he said.

Some Arabs, including Sheikh Ali, a businessman from Qatar, had valid Afghan visas and they were in the province with permission of the government, he informed.Sheikh Ali had strong bonds of friendship with locals and wanted to open his own office in the provincial capital, the governor said.

“A technical training centre established by Iran in the province could not be inaugurated over the past five years for unknown reasons. But the centre has now been inaugurated by Sheikh Ali and Sheikh Jawad.”Sheikh Ali has been bearing all expenses of the centre for the last two years, according to Sherzad, who insisted the Arab presence was in the interest of Farah and its people.

NasrullahAmini, director of labour and social affairs, said Sheikh Ali would bear the $37,000 expenses on the centre over the next two years.Sheikh Jawad, the Qatari businessman, told Pajhwok: “We are here on the invitation of the Afghan government and have proper visas. We are grateful to the Afghan government and the governor of Farah for ensuring our security.”

He said they wanted to extend more and more support to the locals of this province and wanted to build long term cooperation with the local populace.“The presence of Arabs here is not a threat to anyone but they are helpful for the people of Farah,” the governor concluded. (PAN)

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