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Ahmadzai Speaks on Long-lasting Security


Kabul- Presidential contender Ashraf Ghani-Ahmadzai on Monday said that he would seek cooperation of religious scholars to restore long-lasting peace and security in Afghanistan.

As election campaigns enter their sixteenth day, the candidates are struggling to seek public support. Recently former Kabul mayor Hajji Din Mohammad Mujahid along with 3,000 supporters endorsed Ghani-Ahmadzai’s candidacy in the upcoming poll scheduled to take place on 5 April 2014.

In the special gathering held in this respect, the former mayor of Kabul tabled his demands and asked Ghani-Ahmadzai to work on a number of important issues vital for the country including restoration of nationwide peace and security, implementation of Sharia, respect to human rights particularly women rights, elimination of corruption, equal distribution of services, combating ethnic superiority, racism, racial discrimination and finally paving the way for Mujahideen to be part of the political system.

“Its our duty to make our fans, supporters and neighbors in this sensitive situation to support candidacy of Ashraf Ghani-Ahmadzai, support in a sense that all are mobilized and are persuaded to commute to the polling booths,” Din Mohammad said.

In response, Ghani-Ahmadzai pledged to work on implementation of the demands of the new supporters if he won the upcoming presidential elections, saying that he would present a peaceful image from Afghanistan to the world and would work on safety of refugee rights in foreign countries.

“The nation awaits peace, we are committed to maintain peace at any cost, bloodshed is enough,” Ghani-Ahmadzai added.

Just a few weeks remain for the presidential campaigns and the candidates are trying to use all available sources to attract more supporters. (ToloNews)

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