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Ahmadinejad defends Iran’s economic growth


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad presented a report on progresses of the country before and after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, saying that before the Revolution, cement output was less than 7 million tons, but currently the figure is over 80 million tons. Moreover, 12 million tons of cement was exported within the current year, he added.

According to the Mehr report, he said that before the Revolution, steel output was less than one million ton, but currently the figure is over 20 million tons, and the country will reach self-sufficiency by the end of the administration’s term.

By the early day of the Islamic Revolution, the annual car output was 0.3 million units. Today, the annual car output is over 2 million units and different cars are exported.

Petrochemical and electricity outputs were not considerable. The outputs stand at 56 million tons and 70 gigawatts respectively.

Before the Revolution, water storage capacity behind dams was 12 billion cubic meters. The capacity is around 50 billion cubic meters today. Road construction tripled to 11,723 kilometers, he noted.

Eight years before the 9th administration, 3.209 million houses had been built. During the 10th administration, 6.783 million houses have been built so far.

Before the Islamic Revolution, the agricultural output was 25 million tons annually. Currently, the figure is over 110 million tons. The number of schools which have been built over 7-8 years ago is equal to the past 80 years, he said.

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