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Afghans Protest against Pakistan’s Recent Border Activities

Afghans Protest against Pakistan’s Recent Border Activities

The residents of Kohdaman District in the north of Kabul and Officials on Monday expressed their angers at Pakistan’s recent activities in the border areas in the east of Afghanistan. The residents in a gathering warned that Pakistan’s military’s provocative actions will have unpleasant outcomes. They called Pakistan as source of all challenges in Afghanistan and the region. “We don’t leave one meter of our country. I am ready to be sacrificed and will not leave any aggression without response,” a resident said.

“The government should be serious and mobilise people. We are ready to go against Pakistan and show them who Afghans are,” another resident told TOLOnews. Anti-Pakistan slogans were chanted by some protestors in the gathering.

The gathering was attended by Interior Ministry, National Directorate of Security officials, lawmakers, tribal elders and residents in Kohdaman district. “We defend our territorial integrity till we are alive. We are ready to jointly stand beside security forces against any kinds of aggression,” Member of Parliament Daoud Kalakani said. The participants praised President Karzai’s position against Pakistan.

“We back President Karzai’s last announcement but we stress that it should not be a political tactic. It should be a strategic announcement.” Member of Parliament Baktash Siawash said. They also criticised the armed opposition groups.

A tribal elder Anwar Khan said “it is a regret that government opponents like Mullah Omar, Hekmatyar and Haqani are asleep under the shadow of ISI and open fire on their people. If they turn their weapons to Pakistan, we are ready to vote to them to become president.”


Finally, the gathering seriously criticised Pakistan. But it seems that last border conflicts of Afghanistan and Pakistan in Goshta district has increased national unity among Afghans. (ToloNews)

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