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Afghans Denounce Conflict In Gaza


Afghans Denounce Conflict In Gaza
Several hundred Afghan protesters rallied on Wednesday in the heart of Kabul to denounce the fighting in Gaza Strip and the killings of Palestinian civilians caught up in the conflict.
Chanting anti-Israeli and anti-American slogans, the protesters marched through the centre of the Afghan capital, carrying banners and photographs of Palestinian children killed during Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.
Israel says it launched the war on July 8 in response to heavy rocket fire out of Hamas-controlled Gaza. At least 657 Palestinians and 31 Israelis have been killed in the fighting, which escalated last week with the start of a ground offensive.
One of the protesters, Asina Ghafari, said she condemns the Israeli “terrorist attacks in Gaza,” which she said are “just like terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.”
The protest was organised by the independent Solidarity Party of Afghanistan, which regularly rallies against attacks on civilians inside or outside of the country.(Afg Express Report)

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