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Afghanistan’s Industrial Productivity (Business Growth) Dips By 35%


Afghanistan’s economy faces a huge setback as the Industrial Productivity (Business Growth) figure indicated a decline of 35% during one year. The figure was announced by the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) on Saturday.

ACCI believes that the dip has been caused by high municipality fees and an increasing extortion rate in the country.

High customs tariff on imported goods especially raw materials, increase in extortion, smuggling of goods by powerful figures, collection of municipality taxes in each city, decrease in the number of construction projects have caused not only a decrease in the growth of businesses but also inflated the prices of raw materials in the country. This has affected the overall health of the economy.

ACCI officials added that every trader has to compulsorily pay 15,000 Afg (around $300) to the municipality for every container of goods transported at the entry gate of each city, which is extremely high.

“We had solved the issue in consultation with the President of Afghanistan but the problem has cropped up again,” ACCI Deputy Chairman Khan Jan Alokozai said.

Concerned about the decline in the business growth rate, Afghan Lawmaker Waghma Safi said, “The problem is that the people misuse municipality names by making illegal check points and they take as much money as they want.”

“I think that extortion puts pressure on the public so they are seeking ways to leave the country,” Afghan Lawmaker Habiba Danish said.

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  • Abdul mateen

    35 % declined rate for such high income people of dependend nation is too much. No one in afghanistan is seeing general interest for people. Some people who have good relationship with muncipality also pay individuals tax or money. But those who have few money are average merchant cant be able to pay. If the system would not be changed there may be a day that our economy fell deeper than deeper.


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