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Afghan-US Relations in Nosedive Collapse

Kabul May Ink BSA If U.S. Accepts Peace Talks Failure

At a critical juncture of time for the Afghan war, the relation between the government of Afghanistan and the United States is in nosedive deterioration with the Afghan government resolved to confront the US by releasing Taliban prisoners and alleging false claims against the United States. The New York Times reported that the commission for investigation of NATO aerial strikes in Parwan province has provided false evidences. Abdul Sattar Khawasi, a conservative MP, who is known for his anti-American comments, was heading the investigations. However, it turns out that Khawasi has been directly involved in manipulating the incident and reporting to the President with false evidences.

The tell-all accounts of the US former defense chief are explaining in part why Afghanistan and the US failed to establish close relations and cooperation on the war against the Taliban. It was already evident that the deep distrusts between the two sides contribute to all failures of Washington and Kabul to develop a rapport in mutual relations that could directly affect the anti-terror war in Afghanistan. It has been always evident that the lack of understandings between Afghanistan and the United States brought some irreparable failures and setbacks.

For long time, Karzai’s anti-US rhetoric puzzled many both in Afghanistan and the United States, as the public were unaware of the underlying motives of his confrontations against the US. His defiance against the United States was generally seen as intent pursuit of independent position from its foreign backers. His tactical moves against Washington were further seen as a right policy by Kabul when Karzai perceived his position strengthened by his anti-US rhetoric. This was while the United States continued its behavior which was seen by the Afghan President as colonial approach towards the Afghan government.

The underlying motive behind the US approach towards Karzai is yet to known completely; however, it may be because of Karzai unfriendly relations with the Obama administration which viewed him as too corrupt and not capable of enforcing US governance ambitions in Afghanistan. The Obama-era White House policy in Afghanistan failed the United States to gain support and confidence of the Afghanistan President who quickly moved to take a firm position of defiance against the US. With the mutual disgusts, the two sides were never able to undo the damages of the mistrusts and its direct implications on the Afghan war.

But it must be noted that President Karzai’s anti-US rhetoric and his defiance to the Obama administration did not help Afghanistan at all. During past years, Afghanistan and the United States had conflicting approaches regarding the crucial anti-insurgency campaign and other mutual issues. While the US implemented troops surge in Afghanistan and intensified war against the Taliban, the Afghan government was critical of the US war strategy and the troops surge. As a cycle of renewed tensions, the policies and strategies of the two capitals continued each other almost in all areas. Therefore, the relations between the two countries plunged at the lowest level and the two countries continued to fail in leading the anti-insurgency war into success.

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