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Afghan Star a platform of Community war


By Attaullah Nawrozy

Afghan Star is a platform of community war not a platform to introduce the best Singer to the Audience. After the first Season, It has sparked a chaos in to selecting the Contestant based on one’s Background.

Afghan star is a reality television show which was launched in 2005 that aims to bring the most talented aspiring singers from the political boundary of Afghanistan as well as its nationals residing overseas. The programme is the initiative of the leading Television of Afghanistan that is tolo tv. The Afghan Star show started its Audition first in Kabul followed by Mazar-i-sharif,Herat, Kandahar and Jalalabad respectively.

There is a judge panel consist of three renowned and experienced singers who travels from city to city for the first round to select the aspiring and the most talented singers among the auditions and further put them through to the public voting.

Afghan star show has sought the biggest attention in the country that has provoked the people to vote for their most loved contestant. Afghan star show has attracted almost 10 million viewers According to Wikipedia per episode. Roshan (TDCA) is the official sponsor of the show.

Recently in the country Afghan Star show has prompted an ethnic,religious, linguistic and competition via the singers contending for the crown of Afghan Star.

Though the first season was not a victim of the improper competition between the diversified communities. As long as the other series were and is concerned the competition turned tougher in selecting the Contestant based on his or her background.

The first season winner was Shakeb Hamdard who has the caliber and has a heart touching voice that prompted the entire Afghans irrespective of considering his ethnicity to vote for and led him to stand the winner of the season and claimed the first ever crown of Afghan Star. He was applauded by the huge numbers of crowd and the entire fans but as soon as he was praised and encouraged by his particular community frequently praising as his Community Star, it eventually led to a huge mental conflict and prompted the rest of the communities to be determined for the next season.

As soon as the next season commenced people were much determined to vote for the contestant of his community irrespective of the talent they possessed.

A group of people from a particular community gathered and contributed money on each’s will to promote by purchasing bundles of simcards for the sole intention of voting. This group was urging its friends and the by passers to borrow their phones for one vote due to their allegiance towards their community that led the contestant to eventually wear the crown of Afghan Star. As a result he was praised as his community Star Although Naweed Sabir poor deserved to wear the crown.

Viewers are much interested and keen for the winner to hail from their community irrespective of the talent. In different regions viewers are struggling for a single more vote to be cast in favor of the singer who hails from their community.

This year’s Afghan Star show brought 13 best aspiring singers from within the country and from overseas. Another sign of promoting the community has been proved much visible this time. LateefaAzizi who wasn’t supposed to be in top 13 contestant made her way in top 13 by ShahlaZaland by promoting feminism in the male dominated Society. I don’t oppose this move but the fanatic attitude of Afghan’s. She comes from the North of Afghanistan, Mazar-i-Sharif and hails from Turkman Ethnic. Although the other contestants deserved to lead but she could make her way to top 4.

She was criticized numerous time by the Judges but her reaction once was“even If she doesn’t sing well her community will support her till the end.”

This week, JamshedSakhi was eliminated although he was supposed to wear the Crown if the talent were taken in to consideration but Afghan Star scenario has been directed not towards selecting the best singer but

Afghan Star is similar to the British pop Idol and French Nouvelle Star and these programmes in the said countries are meant as a tool of entertainment and giving a chance for the aspiring singers to hit the surface of fame. When the idea emerged in Afghanistan and put in to physical form it meant the same but the scenario is adverse as of now.  Voting system is influenced by the contestant’s profile.

Afghan Star was launched and aimed to bring talented aspiring singers that were virtually unknown to convert them to truly stars in the country but the scenario has completely back fired not in granting fame for the stars but brought the rift between the communities.

Afghans has experienced three decades of war and considering the differences among diverse communities were the sole catalyst of the war. Afghans should consider the result of the long three decades of war that has affected the total infrastructure of the Country, economy, and it led the interference of too many countries in its internal affairs including its neighboring countries that dismantled the very root of the Government. The result of which we are as yet suffering the most.

Afghans should unify towards a sole purpose of prospering the Country and not to consider such platforms to preventing this purpose. We need to unify irrespective of hailing from diversified communities, religion, and ethnicity. Let Afghan Star be a mean of entertainment and let the best aspiring singer to wear the crown.


Attaullah Nawrozy is a freelance writer and blogger.

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