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Afghan-India Ties and Restless Islamabad

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Spokesperson of the Afghan Foreign Ministry, Janan Mosazai outlined worries of Islamabad about strengthening relations between Kabul and New Delhi and advised Pakistani authorities not to worry about India’s presence in Afghanistan. While addressing concerns of Pakistan he said that the Karzai-administration and future-government would not let anyone to use Afghan soil against its neighboring countries. Though, Mosazai was briefing media men on upcoming trilateral meeting between Afghanistan, India and the United States that is scheduled on February 19 in Delhi, but he focused much on concerns of Pakistani officials about role of India in the war-hit country.  From his press briefing it is evident that cordial relations between Kabul and New Delhi are giving rise to Islamabad concerns because Pakistan is reluctant to see its arch rival on Western side.

If the situation persisted and trust deficit increased on the part of Pakistani government then it would be a dream to see peace and stability in the region as the spokesman hinted. Islamabad should show wisdom as the three neighbors are confronting same enemy—terrorism that had cripples lives of several thousands and affected economic growth. Reports published by Western media and analysts give us an insight that how Pakistan is afraid of the United States policies regarding the Afghan endgame. Pakistani policy makers are of the view that Washington is trying to checkmate Islamabad in the region while giving more role to India in Afghanistan. The misguided approach is worsening the situation. As a matter of fact the United States, Kabul and New Delhi are more tired than Islamabad when it comes to coping with terrorism issue.

Sincerity is a vital element to see peaceful South Asia as absence of trust is hindering all efforts for development. Instead of initiating welfare projects, Islamabad and New Delhi are spending huge budget on defenses. If they overcome trust deficit it would pave way for peace and development. Hence, Afghanistan has nothing to do with that. Only, Islamabad and New Delhi could resolve issues that had proved bone of contention for decades.

Moreover, Kabul enjoys freedom being an independent nation-state. So, neighbors should not hinder efforts of Afghanistan that are aimed to enhance bilateral ties with other countries of the region as well as of this planet. Kabul has its own national interests and has the right to find means for peace objectives. Political players in the region, particularly neighbors should support Afghanistan in the peace process. Leg pulling would bring further destruction.

South Asian countries should strengthen role of SAARC. We should apply European Union model. Otherwise, terrorism, poverty, recession and other problems would always emerge from time to time and there would be no end to our miseries.

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