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Afghan Forces Need Air Support from Foreign Troops: Senators

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KABUL – A number of Afghan Senators on Tuesday said that terror activities by the Taliban have increased due to lack of air support from the foreign and Afghan security forces. The Afghan Senators have asked President Karzai to let the foreign forces provide full air support to the Afghan security forces during operations.

The Senators believe that Afghan security forces need to seriously think about building a strong air force with the assistance of the foreign forces. This will stop the increase of terror activities in all parts of Afghanistan. The Senators criticized the decision of stopping air attacks by the foreign forces in the country.

“Taliban activities have increased in the Badghis and Faryab provinces. The Afghan security forces want to launch air operations but due to lack of proper infrastructure within the air force, they aren’t able to do it. According to the President’s order, Afghan security forces cannot seek help from the foreign forces,” Senate House Secretary, Sayed Farokh Shah Jinab said.

“Afghan security forces needs air support but President Karzai has stopped it. This support should resume as soon as possible,” Senator Hidayatullah Rihaee said. Meanwhile, some of the Senators accused Pakistan of infiltration, saying that Pakistan is planning to worsen the security situation of Afghanistan. According to the Senators, conducting the elections peacefully and in a transparent manner is next to impossible if the security situation is not improved.

“Pakistan directly intervenes into the internal matters of Afghanistan and tries to keep its influence and make the country insecure. A solution must be found out for this problem,” Senator Gul Ahmad Azami said. Afghan Senators added that the Government has failed to develop a mechanism providing security and stability to the citizens of the country. It is very important that the Government takes a strong stand against Taliban and other opposition groups. (Tolonews)

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