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Afghan Court Sentences 7 to Death


Kabul- Kabul primary court on Wednesday has sentenced 7 people to death. The court officials said 7 out of a group of 13 people who were accused of murder, robbery and rape, were sentenced to death. Five others were sentenced from 16 to 20 years prison. According to the court officials, all 13 were working in a private production company where they were planning their actions.

“According to the 15th article of the law on crimes against internal and external security, we sentence each of you Shir Hamza son of Mullah Mohammad, Mohammad Sabor son of Ghulam Dastagir, Kambiz son of Abdul Karim, Sayed Azim son of Haji Islam, Abdul Qadir son of Abdul Kabir, Aabdul Raouf son of Abdul Rahim to capital punishment, death,” Head of Primary Court Abdul Basit Bakhtyari said. Meanwhile, the court officials added the offenders misused girls and women at a production which worked in film and advertising fields. (ToloNews)

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