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Abdullah Stresses Caution in Freeing Insurgents


KABUL -National Coalition of Afghanistan (NCA) leader Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Sunday underlined the need for exercising caution in release of Taliban leaders. The call came a day after Pakistan set free the senior most Afghan insurgent in its custody in a bid rejuvenate the stalled Afghan-led reconciliation process.

The rebel movement’s second-in-command had been detained in 2011 in the port city of Karachi in a secret raid by CIA and Pakistani agents — an operation that was called a huge blow to the insurgent group. Abdullah told journalists at the International Cricket Stadium in Kabul he had no details about deal between Afghanistan and Pakistan on Baradar’s release.

In response to a query, the opposition leader said they welcomed prisoners’ release but the government should also think about the fate of innocent detainees within the country. A number of militants freed in the past had not only refused to join the peace process but had returned to the insurgency, added the former foreign minister.

He urged the government to exercise caution in setting prisoners at liberty, suggesting those freed by Pakistan should come to Afghanistan to reinforce the reconciliation drive.

Answering another query, he spurned rumours that the grand electoral alliance, which was formed some weeks back, had disintegrated. He insisted fair elections were the only solution to Afghanistan’s problems. (PAN)

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