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A Perfect Accountability!


There is no need of mentioning any specific nation but history is full of examples that whenever a nation got strong enough, it always thought of capturing the weaker nations and exploiting their resources, both material and human. Nations were doing so due to a number of reasons; the blind and avaricious desire of the king to be included among the great warriors or conquerors and make his name eternal in the pages of history, to bring more prosperity in his own country, to explore or develop new sources of economic expansion, and many more. But such stupid desires have filled the pages of history with blood-stained stories, scenes and their painful memories and of course the unending cycle of revenge, that turned these pages darker than before.

When a stronger nation attacks a smaller and a weaker nation, no doubt how civilized, educated and considerate they are about the rights of others, leaves behind sad stories of cruelty and destruction. Millions of people are killed, houses are destroyed, crops are burnt and the infrastructure that assures the prosperity of people is completely damaged. The story doesn’t end here; in the years to follow after a war in any region of the world, lawlessness prevails, unemployment shoots up, immoral practices find their way to enter the houses of the well-reputed, hunger and other human miseries surround the majority of the population and many more that in return give birth to numerous other painful circumstances or consequences.

In the classic novels of Great Russian writers like Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky and others, we read about a village or a small town where a cruel and strong lord or count inflicts numerous harms to the people of the village. He snatches their land, deprives them of their property, makes plots to murder those who resist his cruelty and even doesn’t hesitate to put his hand on their dignity and respect. In the end, such a count or landlord is murdered by someone and the story comes to an end.

Even in our society, we hear about the people who killed all the members of his relative just to capture his property. There are many who deprived their relatives like sisters or daughters of their due rights in property and many more. There would be many of these that might have not come on surface and got rotten under the dark curtains.

These are the bigger pictures of cruelty. The other day, when it was getting dark and late and there was a long queue of people waiting for taxis, a taxi driver at once started charging 30 Afghanis instead of normal rate of 20. He knew that, people are getting late from their homes so they would pay him this unfair fare but he forgot that this cruelty would not be ignored by the nature and a good accountability would be done and he will have to pay by nose for every penny he charged with cruelty.

Unfair charges of taxi drivers at bus stops when a bus gets late and arrives to the stop at midnight, full of worried passengers who are looking to reach to their loved ones in the earliest, increase in the prices of commodities by shopkeepers on occasions of Ramazan, Eid etc. unfair act of a doctor when he at once doubles his fee when sees the number of patients increasing, and even the unnoticeable act of teacher when he doesn’t prepare for his class and does cruelty with the time and honesty of his students are all the examples when cruelty is done. It looks as if no one leaves a chance of exploiting the compulsion of others and being very harsh and cruel on such occasions.

According to Islamic ideology, if a society is based on nihilism or lack of any religion where people don’t have any belief on any religion at all, would survive but if a society is based on cruelty, it would not survive and would soon be eliminated from the surface of the earth. This idea also has the logical rationale or reasoning as a society or a nation where there is no religion but people don’t do any cruelty to each other would survive because people would be performing their allotted duties and the entire mechanism of the system would remain intact. On the other hand, if a society does have a religion but if its members are cruel to each other, which would be the condition when every member would be looking to capture the other’s possession with unfair means and thus they would be like enemies always ready to destroy each other and most certainly, that would soon bring an end to the society.

An act of cruelty, be it small or big, or committed by a nation or an individual, does not have long life. A Persian verse thus says that, “The candle of cruelty won’t last till morning and if it lasted this night, won’t last for the next”. Many nations, that once used to be strong and unstoppable, got disappeared from the surface of earth leaving behind their lessons for the rest of the nations. Similarly, 30 years of Afghan war witnessed the deaths and killings of so many cruel warlords and commanders who had killed numerous innocents and then the nature finished them along with their families.

This is not the only consequence of cruelty; it can be revenged in so many other forms which are very frightening and painstaking. There are some who have been left with such physical or mental disorders that they live and die every day. But in most cases, the biggest revenge came in the form of their sons and daughters who turned out to be like monsters, not only for the society but also for them. These serpents turned out uncontrollable and keep stinging everyone in the society. This painful wound cannot be healed by anything.

At times we worry so much about some of our problems. We are lucky enough to have such minor problems of common life and when we will look back at them after some years, we would laugh how we used to be worried of them.

But those should definitely worry who have done even a single act of cruelty; people who have shed the innocent blood, who have deprived some of their rights, who have deceived others and who have done other similar acts. I don’t know what would happen to them and how they would be able to justify their acts and how would they be dealt with by the nature but they should definitely worry about their fate. Nothing would be ignored and nothing would be left unnoticed.

Muhammad Rasool Shah is a permanent writer of the Daily Afghanistan Express.

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