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A New Progressive Paper

Since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001, Afghanistan has considerably progressed in promoting freedom of expression and development of the mass media. While there was effectively no media in Taliban era, there are now hundreds of TV channels, radios and print publications. The Afghan media is described as one of the freest mass media in the region and the world, for which the government of Afghanistan should be credited. This is indeed a profound transformation in Afghanistan’s mass media and a potential force for changing Afghanistan into a free, democratic and prosperous country.

the afghanistan express daily

The Afghanistan Express Daily


And now, here is another. Another member in the family of Afghanistan’s mass media: The Afghanistan Express daily newspaper. As a democratic and progressive paper, the Afghanistan Express will be committed to popular awareness, transparency, accuracy and impartiality and pursue a standard policy in delivery of information, news and expression of views. Our policy will be based on promoting pluralistic views in politics, religion and the society and making to get different voices heard.

In the course of the “decade of transformation”, Afghanistan needs to empower the civil society and free media in order to successfully lead the transformation process in all aspects, particularly in the area of democracy, freedom and human rights. In this process, the Afghanistan Express will be committed to supporting national aspirations through promoting democratic values such as human rights, the rights of women, democracy and rule of law. We believe that role of the civil society in promoting democratic standards such as freedom and rights of the people is vital and can never be neglected in the current process of nation-state building in the country. If so, we all, will pay a huge price.

The Afghanistan Express aims to staunchly defend and support rule of law and constitutional order in the country, as it believes that the only option for a free and democratic Afghanistan is through institutionalizing law and order. In a democratic system, all the government institutions are obliged to be committed to rule of law, while the mass media play a vital role in taking the officials and the institutions accountable. The paper will be strongly committed to abide by the constitution and other laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and to operate in consistency with the national interests, Islamic principles and strengthening national sovereignty.

We believe that we, as a nation, have a great future and all Afghans are determined to shape that future. While we are transitioning from the dark past and prevailing on terrorism, war and extremism, we see a clear horizon of hope and prosperity in the future. Thus, as our motto says, the Afghanistan Express has chosen to be “THE VOICE OF A MORE HOPEFUL GENERATION”.

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