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A Major Security Overhaul Needed

A Major Security Overhaul Needed

In response to the adverse security condition in the country, Afghan security officials and NATO commander in Afghanistan gathered on Saturday in Kabul to discuss the security situation across the country. According to the reports, the participants were, General Joseph Dunford, the Commander of the NATO-led forces in Afghanistan, Bismillah Mohammadi, the Afghan Defense Minister and Mujtaba Patang, the acting Interior Minister. The meeting of top Afghan security officials with the commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan takes place while the security situation across the country were deteriorating as the insurgent groups organized major assaults on government installations, non-government organizations’ offices and Afghan security forces.

With the surprise increase in insurgent attacks and the level of violence across the country, it seemed an overhaul of security was needed in the country to counter the increasing insurgent attacks and reduce the casualties particularly that of the civilians. The Taliban mounted their attacks as part of their summer fighting campaign which began last spring, targeting security forces, government buildings and foreign forces stationed in Afghanistan. During past months, the insurgent groups successfully organized major assaults in the capital and other cities and intensified roadside bombings alongside targeting Afghan security forces. The wave of terrorist attacks claimed lives of many and gave the Taliban the upper hand in the conflict, enabling them to pose as the undefeatable fighters.

In reaction to the worsening security in recent months, Afghan security forces carried out a number of major military operations in eastern provinces of Nangarhar and Logar, which were among the main targets of the insurgents who have been trying to influence in the volatile eastern and southern provinces. The recent counter-insurgency operations across the country have been working to repel the resurgence of the insurgent groups in the provinces as hundreds of militants – many of whom Uzbek, Pakistani and Arabs – have been killed as result of the operations. As the transition process and the peace efforts are going ahead, the Afghan security forces should keep pressures high on the insurgency to safeguard security of the country.

As the NATO forces are in the course of drawdown, Afghan forces need to maintain the military pressure on the insurgent groups to avoid a security breakdown and Taliban resurgence in absence of the US-led international coalition after 2014. However, the military campaign is not the only way to maintain a better security. The Afghan security institutions need to overhaul the whole security system and review the arrangements of present security system to effectively confront the insurgent groups trying to make the country insecure. The Afghan government should have well-defined transitional strategy in place for maintaining security as the NATO is withdrawing from the country.

As part of a transitional security/anti-insurgency strategy, Afghanistan and its international backers should allocate more resources for strengthening Afghan intelligence agency in order to boost the vital intelligence that Afghan forces desperately need in their anti-insurgency drive. Also the security agencies of Afghanistan should take concrete measures for protecting Kabul city which has come under numerous attacks from the Taliban this year. Any major and successful attack on the capital by the insurgent groups significantly serves the Taliban campaign of violence.

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