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A Heavy Blow to the Opposition Alliance

A Heavy Blow to the Opposition Alliance

The opposition Electoral Alliance has been unraveling fast after Hajji Muhammad Mohaqqiq, a prominent member of the National Front and the Electoral Alliance, revealed secret and behind-door dealings among the members of the Electoral Alliance. In his message posted on facebook, Mohaqqiq revealed details of the rifts among the members of the Electoral Alliance that finally split the alliance into two parts. Mohaqqiq also made some harsh accusations against his former allies which met counter-accusations from some of the Afghanistan National Front members.

The accusations and counter accusations which culminated with the split of the Afghanistan Electoral Alliance highlights the fact that the political figures of Afghanistan have a long way to adapt to the basic rules and principles of politics and that the political parties do not behave based on norms of politics. Those prominent figures of the Electoral Alliance, who went on bitter accusations against each other, must learn that they needs to behave responsibly and act responsibly so that the people of Afghanistan could trust them as the potential leaders of the future. Otherwise, perhaps everyone should doubt on intentions and maturity of the members of the so-called ‘grand electoral alliance’.

The bitter accusations and counter arguments made it clear for all that not everyone is suitable to be put on charge in top posts at this time of crisis for Afghanistan. Afghanistan needs leaders who would be enough mature and capable of leading the country into the right direction. With the latest events, the members of the National Front and the Electoral Alliance should sit for while and ponder whether they are the right people to lead the country when Afghanistan needs leaders to run the country in times of crisis. Afghanistan is going to experience a difficult time after 2014 when the US-led international coalition would have left Afghanistan, and the next government would struggle to curb the militancy and other crises.

With the surprising split of the Afghanistan Electoral Alliance, the major opposition coalition which was touted as a potential contender in the forthcoming elections is virtually failed. Many of the prominent figures of the alliance would join other election groupings including the government camp with President Karzai at the center. It is believed that the president is going to put weigh behind Foreign Minister Zalmay Rasoul. However, Qayoum Karzai, an elder brother to President Karzai is also preparing to run in the elections. With Qayoum Karzai entering in the election contest, it is increasingly turning vogue whether which one of the two will have support of the president. Still, there would be a high chance that the president would back Rassoul as the government-backed contender in the elections.

The First Vice President Qasim Fahim’s announced support to Abdullah’s candidacy is meaning that he is not considered by the government-led front to remain in his post for another round. This also is meaning that most likely Atta Mohammad Noor, the powerful Balkh governor, will be offered the First Vice president post along with the Sarwar Danish as the second Vice President. In next few days, probably developments will unfold and the people will witness the final arrays of the political groupings for the elections.

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