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A Friendly Move of Pakistan


Pakistan took another friendly decision by releasing eight top Taliban leaders from its jails. The prisoners included former Justice Minister Nur-ud-Din Turabi, governors of Helmand and Kabul as well as Allah Daad Tabib. The move of Islamabad was aimed to facilitate Afghanistan in the peace process. Release of Taliban leaders by Pakistani authorities was appreciated by Afghan leaders. It is perceived that Taliban would show seriousness now and would come to the negotiations table.

Hope, it would yield some positive results as lack of commitment from their side had made the lives of masses miserable. Now it’s time to bring peace back home, because Afghans has suffered much during the more than decades of conflicts. The dissident groups should realize that nobody could get things by force. The groups had spent decades in fighting with each other but got nothing except causing destruction. Many became refugees in the neighboring countries due to their quest for power.

It is time to show maturity, think rationally and come together, as Afghans have to take start from zero and develop the war-hit country, because Taliban had already destroyed the infrastructure that was required for development of the country. The rebel groups should understand without any prejudice that fighting each other is a foolish act as through war they had achieved nothing, but rendered only problems. Even, if they fought again for more three decades the result would be same—nobody will get anything.

The groups should think for a moment to tell that against whom actually they are fighting. No doubt, the answer would be same by different insurgent groups, because they are at front against their own people only to come into power. If the rival groups failed to support the peace process then it would mean indirectly that they are sick and want to feed on the blood of innocent Afghans.

We know it well that Afghans belong to the same land and have same blood then why to kill each other. For how long they would fight against each other. Would there be an end to this bloodshed and insane ideologies, which ruined the lives of common men? We have already pushed our young generation towards deep waters, at least now we should be united for the sake of this land and our children. Our failure to bring peace would mean that we do not care about our children. If this is the situation then our children would never forgive us for what we had done to them.

It is unsafe for militants to proceed further then why they are creating fuss for nothing. The government and dissidents should settle their dispute acting upon the rule give and take, because a layman is also aware of the fact that every group is in the quest of power. For power they had fought till date. Hence, Taliban another outfits should lay down arms while the government should prepare a good ground for peace-process to resolve the conflict on priority basis, or else the fighting would engulf more and more lives without any reason and logic.

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