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A day after Kabul demo, UN warns of aid cut

A day after Kabul demo, UN warns of aid cut
KABUL: The United Nations on Saturday warned of severely limiting its activities, including assistance to Afghanistan, if allegations against the world body continued.
On Friday, hundreds of Dr. Abdullah’s supporters took to the streets in the central capital against what they called massive fraud in the mid-June runoff elections.
The protestors, who walked from the Shahr-i-Naw Park and assembled in front of the UNAMA office, accused the United States, Britain and the world body of conniving at the election rigging.
Chanting full-throated slogans against UNAMA head Jan Kubis, President Hamid Karzai and the Independent Election Commission, they alleged their mandate had been stolen.
One of the protestors, “Sharq did not elaborate on what Abdullah’s supporters believed would have demonstrated neutrality.”
Voicing its grave concern over the situation, UNAMA tweeted on its site: “The UN will be forced to severely limit its activities, reducing its assistance to Afghanistan and its people.”
The concerns were related to direct threats and verbal attacks against the UN expressed in Kabul, the mission said, adding consultations were ongoing for relocation of UN staff from Mazar-i-Sharif.
“Threats against the UN are threats against the whole international community,” UNAMA said. “Intimidation and verbal attacks directed at the UN are unacceptable.
The world body would cut aid to Afghanistan if its election staff continued to be harassed, one tweet said. (Pajhwok)

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