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5,972 Polling Centers’ Results Being Processed: IEC

5,972 Polling Centers’ Results Being Processed

KABUL – According to reports from the Independent Election Commission (IEC) National Tally Center, results of 5,972 polling centers have been received from all provinces, and are currently being processed. A statement of the IEC said on Saturday said more than three quarters (77.55%) of tamper-evident bags have been cleared at intake, with results now in stages of recording and tallying; and the majority of those remaining are expected to be cleared by Sunday.

Seventy percent (70.71%) of results have been prepared, scanned and archived, the statement said, adding nonetheless, based on audit and recount criteria, they may still be subject to further verification. Field audits and/or recounts of results have been conducted at polling stations, each day since 13 April, and substantive progress has been made.

The IEC Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ziaulhaq Amarkhil explained that, “We have established a number of mechanisms to detect and address fraud; and we will use every available means to protect the votes of Afghans from those who wish to undermine the electoral process.” It is important to mention that audits and recounts are conducted by a joint team, managed by the relevant Independent Election Commission (IEC) provincial office, and according to an IEC-developed list of criteria. (Pajhwok)

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