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Random Thoughts: What kind of a future does our youth envision?

By Shukrullah Ahmadi Afghanistan, plagued by war, corruption and underdevelopment, has less than 30 % adult literacy rate – the lowest in the region. It has also one of the world’s lowest life expectancy – 48 years. Afghanistan is considered as one of the world’s worst places for a child to be born, with one of the highest child mortality rates (130 per 1000). More than 50 % of its population survives below ...

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A Mirage

In old times, when fabric or cloth was very rare and had good monetary value, a scholar was busy in washing his hands and face beside a river. He was wearing a big turban of white fabric that was very rare in those days, as many of the people could not afford to buy one like this. During the continuation of this washing, he took off his turban and put it on a side. A thief, who was hiding behind a stone and ...

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Fighting in Syria’s Qusair; U.N. Says World Watching

Damascus - Syrian troops and Hezbollah guerrillas besieging the border town of Qusair fought with rebels on Saturday as the United Nations warned all sides they could be held accountable for the suffering of civilians trapped there. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said fighting was taking place inside Qusair and in villages around it, largely controlled by President Bashar al-Assad's f ...

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Pakistan Aiding Attacks in Border Areas: Patang

KABUL - The Ministry of Interior on Saturday accused Pakistani forces of aiding Taliban's rocket strikes in several areas of Afghanistan along the border. Interior Minister Gen. Mujtaba Patang praised Afghan security personnel for beating back the attackers, supported by certain Pakistani circles, a reference to the ISI. "Despite abetment from certain Pakistani circles, the militants can neither face the Af ...

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NATO to Hold Summit on Afghanistan Next Year: Obama

Washington - The US President Barack Obama has said on Friday that he and the Nato Secretary-General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen have agreed to focus the Organisation's 2014 summit on Afghanistan. While Obama and Anders Fogh Rasmussen have agreed on the topic for the summit, but the venue is not known. Obama said Rasmussen is looking for a country to host it. Obama said, "Not only will we be able to underscore t ...

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The Growing Threats Against Aid Agencies

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) halted its operations in Afghanistan after a suicide attack targeted its office in eastern Nangarhar province last Wednesday. According to ICRC officials,  the organization halted all of its operations in sixteen regions of Afghanistan and closed its regional office in Nangarhar province. Officials of the ICRC has said that the decision is taken for safety ...

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The United States to Engage Afghanistan’s Neighbors Including Iran During the Transition.

Seyed Hossein Mousavian Despite the U.S. plan to withdraw from Afghanistan in late 2014, Washington is likely to maintain a presence of around 10,000 civilian and military personnel. The need to protect the security of those remaining forces requires the United States to engage Afghanistan’s neighbors—including Iran—during the transition. The Taliban and Al Qaeda were originally created in Saudi Arabia and ...

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Post 2014 Afghanistan: Matter of Worries

US-led NATO 2014 withdrawal from Afghanistan recently has heightened concerns in Beijing, across Central Asian states and particularly in Moscow. And lately, the countries have more visibly expressed their concerns about the spillover of terrorism and a possible religious extremism or a proxy battle in post 2014 Afghanistan. Therefore, in the following, it is intended to glance through basic grounds motivat ...

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Afghanistan War Costs Britain over £37b

KABUL - Britain has so far spent £37 billion on the conflict in Afghanistan, with each taxpaying household likely to pay more than £2,000 to fund the increasingly bloody campaign, reveals a new book. The book's authored Frank Ledwidge told the Guardian newspaper since 2006, on a conservative estimate, the UK had paid a cost £15m a day to maintain its military presence in southern Helmand province. The write ...

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